Policy Pieces

Air Pollution is Making Office Workers Less Productive
 with Joshua Graff Zivin, Tal Gross and Matthew Neidell
Harvard Business Review, September 2016

Being Surprised by the Unsurprising: Earnings Seasonality and Stock Returns
 with Samuel M. Hartzmark, David H. Solomon and Eugene F. Soltes
Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, September 2016

The effect of pollution on worker productivity: Evidence from call-centre workers in China
 with Joshua Graff Zivin, Tal Gross and Matthew Neidell
Vox, July 2016



Analysts Surprised by Seasonality May Boost Stocks, Study Finds 
Bloomberg, 1/4/2017

London has lost air quality control
KCW Today, 12/29/2016

Air pollution on Wall Street might actually be bringing down the stock market  
Washington Post, 10/27/2016

Why investors may want to keep tabs on air pollution  
CBS Moneywatch, 10/26/2016

Sohu, 10/23/2016

Vous etes moins productif? Votre bureau est certainment pollue  
Mode(s) D'Emploi, 10/6/2016

O impacto da poluição do ar na economia 
Opinião e Notícia., 10/6/2016

Au bureau, l'air pollue fait baisser la productivite 
BFM Business, 10/5/2016

How Air Pollution Affects Office Workers - And the Economy
The Economist, 10/4/2016

Pollution is making it harder for office workers to be productive: study
Yahoo! Finance, 10/3/2016

Something Is In The Air
BWOG Columbia Student News, 10/2/2016

Want to Be More Productive?  Clean Your Air!
Martha Stewart, 9/30/2016

Air pollution hurts office workers' productivity, study finds
Mic, 9/30/2016

Air pollution takes its toll on productivity even for those with desk jobs
PBS Newshour, 9/23/2016

The Effect of Pollution on Worker Productivity
The NBER Digest, September 2016

Bad E-Mails, Hazy Lines, and Anomalies
Bloomberg, 9/3/2016

The hidden toll of air pollution on office workers
Washington Post, 6/14/2016

Episode 70 - "Lake Botton Seismometers" - Fun Paper Friday
Don't Panic Geocast, 5/27/2016

Understanding what drives your investment behaviour key to success
Business Daily Africa, 3/9/2016

Surprised by the Unsurprising
Marshall News, 2/24/2016

Hillcrest Behavioral Award
Press Release, 2/5/2016

Why Investors Misprice Cyclical Stocks
Capital Ideas, Fall 2015

The Pollution Outside Your Office Window Affects Your Work in a Big Way
Business Insider, 6/20/2015

My Mutual Fund Manager Is an Idiot
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One major investing mistake you're making
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Hard to Fire Yourself; Easy to Fire Your Manager
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Earnings Seasonality and Stock Returns
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Joberg health hazard
News24, 5/19/2014

How did Medicare pay for chemotherapy pre-2006?
Healthcare Economist, 7/30/2014

Air Pollution Can Make People Bad at Their Job, Study Finds
Softpedia, 3/11/2014

New research shows air pollution might make you bad at your job
Washington Post 3/10/2014

How Does Pollution Affect Productivity
Freakonomics blog, 3/5/2014

Arete Insights
Arete Asset Management, 8/15/2013

Hello passive, goodbye active: fund investors make the switch
Financial Times, 6/22/2013

Active Managers Lose to Passives in Blame Game: Study
Ignites, 6/4/2013